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Travis Wilkerson's internationally recognized body of filmmaking crosses boundaries with documentary and fiction, performance, and activism. At the epicenter of his work is the ongoing search for meeting points of aesthetic eloquence and political engagement, produced with an absolute modesty of material resources.

In 2015, Sight & Sound called Wilkerson “the political conscience of American cinema.”

The NY Times called his "Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?",  “an urgent, often corrosive look at America’s past and present through the prism of family, patriarchy, white supremacy and black resistance.” 1n 2020, The New Yorker called it one of the "Sixty-Two Films That Shaped the Art of Documentary Filmmaking."

His essay film on the lynching of Wobbly Frank Little  -- "An Injury to One "-- was named one of the best avant-garde films of the decade by Film Comment and a "political-cinema landmark" by the LA Times.

His work with Erin Wilkerson in Creative Agitation was included in the Berlinale Forum and in the Venice Biennale. 

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