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"Nuclear Family" 2021, by Creative Agitation (Erin and Travis Wilkerson) Distributed by Kino Arsenal - Germany - An American family takes an apocalyptic road trip through the US West. A summer holiday of camping, mini golf, swimming, and baseball, in landscapes inscribed by extermination, genocide, and war. Notable Screenings - Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) Forum, Mar del Plata International Film Festival Argentina, Documenta Madrid, Viennale Austria, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Japan, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival Czech Republic, FICUNAM Mexico, Jeonju Film Festival Korea, Dokufest Kosovo Special Mention of the Jury, Altered States Competition Mar del Plata International Film Festival - "This remarkable film, which combines different genres such as home movies, political documentaries and archival treasures, represents an unexpectedly personal critique, intelligently and incisively constructed, of America's obsession for more than a century with war. and the destruction of others. The trauma of this obsession is analyzed as something that alters minds and families, at the same time that it destroys the earth and eliminates peoples. Wilkerson's dialectic, which oscillates between the experience of his own family in this historical panorama, and the sinister and silent emptiness of a country whose indigenous population has been decimated and replaced by increasingly destructive weapons that target other supposed enemies, raises with force the unresolved and still valid national ideology. "

Documentary Essay, 100 minutes, 2021

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